The 9 Best Part Time Jobs With Benefits

There are inevitable incidents and they often come unannounced. Imagine that you or one of your family members gets into an accident or gets sick, but you do not have access to any form of insurance, particularly health insurance. Scary, huh? Hospital bills aren’t inexpensive either. How will you sustain your daily needs or support your family’s daily expenses if you are full of debts?

As a result, more and more workers choose a job with benefits. But if you are a part-time employee, sometimes you have to work 40 hours per week to receive the benefits and other perks offered by the company you are working for. Fortunately, many part-time jobs offer all sorts of benefits and other perks.

Costco Wholesale

To become eligible for this company’s benefits package, you have to meet the standard requirement. Since the competition is tough, you have to work for them for 180 days or 600 hours. Once you comply with this, you will get to enjoy the benefits for the following months.

The benefits package includes life insurance, healthcare coverage, a core dental care plan, and discounts on prescription medications. There’s more that they offer. If you work for a minimum of 10 hours per week and once you pass the 90-day probation period, you will be eligible to enroll in a short-term disability insurance plan.


Starbucks’ headquarter is in Seattle, Washington with more than 30,000 stores across the globe and more than 345,000 employees. They provide several positions with a work span of 20 hours per week, such as barista, administrative assistant, and other part-time positions.

Starbucks has a reputation for treating its employees well. Along with this, they also offer benefits that include disability and accident coverage, health insurance, as well as dental and vision plans. You can even enjoy free coffee every week!

Home Depot

Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, supplying tools, construction products, and services. Although they stopped offering health insurance in 2014 for part-time employees, their benefits package includes vision and term life insurance and dental. To enroll in their healthcare coverage, you must work 30 hours per week and 40 hours a week if you wish to avail of the retirement savings benefits.


Founded in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy, Macy’s is an American department store chain. They offer on-the-job training which benefits you to grow your career benefits. Along with this, they also offer health benefits and retirement benefits. Employee shopping discount at the store will be given to you as long as you work for 20 hours per week.


Nike’s headquarter is near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area. They specialize in designs, high-quality foot apparel, accessories, and services. If you are a part-timer employee who works for Nike for a year, you will receive Nike’s bountiful health plan that includes preventive benefits, such as medical screenings, counseling as well as disability, life, and death/dismemberment insurance. 


Although limited, U-HAUL offers benefits for part-time employees such as medical and dental plans and you will also become eligible for this health plan if you work for at least 20 hours per week. This benefit includes other perks, such as travel insurance, shopping discount on U-HAUL equipment, and access to a company credit union. But full-time employees will enjoy a more generous benefit from the company with no limitations.

Chico’s FAS, Inc

Chico’s FAS, Inc is an American women’s clothing and accessories retailer. The benefits package is very competitive and you will be given perks only after 60 days on the job and you will be enrolled in 401(k) only after 500 hours in six months. Life and disability insurance is also included in this package.

Trader Joe’s

Once you work as a part-timer in Trader Joe’s, you will automatically be part of the crew and receive benefits including medical insurance as well as vision and dental coverage in which 10 percent of your annual income would be added. You will also receive paid time off, which will be based on your performance.


15 hours per week is required to become eligible in Staple’s benefits, which include short-term disability insurance, fixed health insurance and opt to choose from the 401(k) plans. Staples’ benefits also include an online and retail discount, paid time off, flexible spending accounts, and life services.

Look for a company that offers not only fair payment but also generous in offering benefits. It may not be limited and robust compared to full-timers, but securing your overall health and your future is better than nothing.