Mistakes That Quickly Destroys Your Stovetop

Cooking is a way of life for most of us. You are likely to find stovetops in most homes. These appliances cook our favorite dishes so that we can feed our families as well as ourselves. The constant use of a stovetop could cause its lifespan to diminish very quickly. There is good news, though; there are ways you can prevent your stove from becoming obsolete in a short period. Here are some ways you can make the lifespan of your stovetop be longer.


It is common for many to buy an appliance and start using it without reading the manual. The stove may look simple enough to use, and it’s not your first rodeo. You have had many stoves before, so no need to waste time reading the manual. That could be a big mistake; the manual may have important user instructions you don’t know about and increase the likelihood of destroying the stove.

Unattended Stove

It would be best if you never left the stove unattended when cooking as that is a bad idea. Food tends to boil over while cooking, and that can destroy the burners over after a while. Food also begins to stick to the surface and can become a problem after continually happening. You should avoid letting your liquids or foods seep onto the stovetop. 

Cleaning Burners

Cleaning burners is essential to its performance. Burners that don’t light or burn properly are probably clogged. The best way to resolve this issue is to clean the burners of all debris and possible rust. Some burners will begin to rust because of boil overs and their material makeup. If you don’t like cleaning the burners, then avoid spills; that’s the safest option. 

Glass Top Stoves

Glass top stoves have easy cleaning surfaces due to the material. These surfaces only become dirty and hard to manage if you refuse to clean them after every use. This lazy practice lessens the life of your stove and also makes it look unpleasant. If you want a clean, modern-looking stove be sure to clean it often.

Cleaning Facts

Cleaning your stove with water may help make it look cleaner, but it destroys the burners after some time. Water can also affect any electrical components your stove has, like the self-lighting versions. The less water you use when cleaning, the better; opt for a more stove-friendly cleaning solution.


It is natural for food particles to build upon a stovetop after years of use. These stains can look unsightly and give your stove an unpleasant appearance. When you are trying to clean these marks, never use metals to scratch the surface. Using things like knives are razors is never a good idea. Metal will scratch the stovetop’s body; it is better to use a silicone or plastic spatula. This method applies to glass and metal stovetops.


Scrubbing your stove with a metal mesh scrubber may work, but it will also damage the surface. You may notice a cleaner stove from using such products, but you will also see your stove’s wear and tear after some time. It is better to find a scrubbing set made specifically for cleaning stovetops. You can find particular products that clean glass top stoves and metal ones, just research.

No Unspecified Chemicals

There are select cleaning products made for cleaning your stove. It is unwise to buy any chemical for cleaning and use on your appliance without knowing its impact. It would help if you always looked for chemicals suited to the task at hand; failing to do this can harm you and your stove.

Fixing Burners

It is a good idea to always check your burner’s alignments before lighting the stove. Unaligned burners can stop the switch from lighting or cause the flame to burn unevenly. Flames that burn unevenly can cause one area of the pot to be hotter than another as distribution is off. Burners that are in use when not aligned properly can be dangerous as well.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can cause harm to your stove, home, and you. Where possible, you should always check for gas leaks. This practice will save lives and the lifespan of your stove. Your stove could be slowly burning elsewhere, which can erode the body of your appliance. On a side note buying a gas leak detector is essential.

If any of these practices are you, it might be a good time to change these habits. Stovetops can be expensive, depending on taste. The lifespan of your stove is in your hands.