9 Ways Clean Eating Can Help You Feel Better

Clean eating does not necessarily mean eating food that has been cleaned. It is a term used to describe a popular trend among health enthusiasts to eat only what is beneficial to the body. Indeed, we need to stay away from some foods that are harmful to our health.

Partaking in sumptuous meals with family and friends is one of the pleasures of life that we cherish much. But when these sumptuous meals happen all the time, we may feel negative impacts on our well-being later on.

During celebrations, it may be difficult to resist all those mouth-watering fatty meat dishes. But it’s not only during special occasions that we are surrounded by ‘unclean’ foods. In homes, processed foods, such as hotdogs, fill the freezer. Whether in school, office or in our home, junk foods are our usual snacks. And can you resist a soda after eating junk food? Honestly, one mistake in our clean food-eating habits can lead to more.

The food we eat can determine our overall body health. Start incorporating these clean eating ways and you will surely feel better, look better, and think better.

Energize With More Protein

Protein is important in many ways. It builds cells, body fluid, antibodies, and various parts of the immune system. It is a macronutrient commonly referred to as the body’s building block and primary energy booster.
This macronutrient is found in lean meat, including chicken and turkey, beans, fish, lentil, and non-fat dairy products. Because proteins are hard to digest, you will feel full longer. This is an excellent way to stay away from unnecessary food in between meals. It has low cholesterol content too.

Flush Harmful Elements With More Fibers

Also known as roughage, fibers are plant-based foods that cannot be broken down by the body. It cannot be digested, thereby, providing a natural scrub to the digestive tract, cleaning it from toxins, and flushing them out. Fibers also regulate blood sugar.

The build-up of residues from what we eat can be deposited in the walls of the digestive tract. This can mean a reduction of motility. It will also decrease metabolism. To counter these, eat a healthy portion of vegetables and fruits, nuts, beans, and wholegrain foods. Besides improvement in digestion, these fiber-rich foods can also reduce the incidence of cancer and heart disease.

Choose Apple Instead of Candy

To the sweet-toothed, this can be a difficult thing to do, but you have to  as more sugar in your body can result in many ailments. Go for fresh fruits instead. They are not only rich in fructose that may satisfy your craving for sweets, but they can also give you your supply of energy for the whole day.

Slash the Fats

Fats are important to the body as they provide energy. They are also needed for the growth and absorption of some vitamins, especially vitamin A.

But we should cut down our intake of fats, primarily saturated fats. They usually come from animal sources and have been a major cause of some ailments. Instead, use plant-based oils, like olive oil, coconut oil, and vegetable oil when cooking your foods at home.

Salty Is Faulty

If too much sweets are harmful, and so with salty foods. But while you can substitute candy bars with fresh fruits for their sweetness, is there a salty natural food too? Probably none. All you have to do is limit your salt intake by avoiding processed food and store-ready snacks. They are peppered with salt.

Use salt only to taste in home-cooked food. Salt is a preservative by itself, so processed food has much of this flavoring compound. Salt can increase blood pressure. It can also promote water retention. Both of which are major health risks.

Carve a Healthy Life With Carbs

It is not true that you should stay away from carbohydrates when losing weight. Carbs provide fuel and energy to the body and mind, so a no carb-diet may be more risky than beneficial. Instead of cutting down on carbs, go for whole grains, and not those processed carbs like white bread and bleached flour.

Food Labels Are Not True

Health buffs will always read the labels of products they would like to buy. This is to check on the nutrient content of the product. But is it really true? Is there an independent body that certifies what is written on the package? This should encourage you to cook your meals. At least, you know exactly what you are putting in.

Free Your Body From Radicals

Blueberries, nuts, and grapes are only a few of the many natural sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants are helpful when fighting free radicals that can enhance cell damage, which can be seen in some ailments, such as cancer.

Meal Prepping Is Helpful

Preparing your healthy meal for a week does not only save you time and effort but will also assure you of “clean food” throughout the week. If you are a person on the go or one who does not have much time to prepare your food, you can do this task during the weekend and store them in the fridge. This will prevent you from getting your food somewhere else.

Indeed, we may find some difficulty when starting only eating “clean food.” But knowing that we will soon reap the enormous rewards, we should be committed to a healthy diet that will ensure a better quality of living.