8 American Road Trips That Are Amazing

America is a very beautiful place and has some awesome scenic roads from North to South and East to West. Taking a trip with loved ones or by yourself on any or many of these routes have been the pass time of many. With fall here, this a great opportunity to hit the roads once again. Get out there and fill your days with enjoyment and memories.

#8 US Route 6 in Pennsylvania

Length 403 miles.
Travel Route 6 along many of Pennsylvania’s lush forests, mountains and other attractions.

#7 Utah State Route 12

Length 122 miles.
Travel from Utah, through Las Vegas, California, Arizona then passes where 4 States meet, onto Colorado, road takes you back to Utah.

#6 Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West, Florida

Length 113 miles.
Travel over many bridges across the sea to the many Islands of the Key West.

#5 Pacific Coast Highway, San Luis Obispo To Monterey, California

Length 142 miles.
Like it says, this trip follows the coastline of the western part of the Country.

#4 Hill Country Hideaways, Texas

Length 189 miles.
Drive around the Texas country side.

#3 Columbia River Scenic Highway, Oregon

Length 75 miles.
Travel along the Columbia river in Oregon

#2 Route 66, Illinois To California

Length 1139 miles.
Travel from Illinois and pass through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and finish in California.

#1 Great River Road, Minnesota To Louisiana

Length 1065 miles.
Great River Road Minnesota to Louisiana This long journey stretches along the Mississippi river.