7 Things Every Home Owner Should Do At Least Once Per Month

There are things every home owner should do to keep their property safe and clean. These little tips wouldn’t take much of your time and could save you money and injury. The great thing about it all is that once per month is not that big of a deal. Not doing these things regularly would be a big deal so it would be wise to take note and get them done. Here are 7 home owner tips to consider.

#1 Clean Filters In Your Range Hood

Soak the filters in a dish washing liquid and baking soda solution for at least 10 minutes. Bacteria has a way of multiplying quickly in situations like this.

#2 Clean The Garbage Disposal

Clean your garbage disposal with baking soda and white vinegar. Food will become contaminated overtime and whatever goes into the garbage disposal will leave it a hazard eventually.

#3 Inspect The Sink And Tub Drains For Blockage

You can try using a pipe cleaner to clear the debris or pour a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of hot water down the drain pipe. Believe it or not the sink can be a haven for germs.

#4 Clean And Organize Your Refrigerator

Remove all old food and clean all shelves. Get rid of all the clutter in the fridge. Old food can become your worst nightmare if left in the fridge unattended for a long time.

#5 Clear Or Trim Shrubs From Around AC Units

Clearing shrubs keeps the unit working well by being ventilated. It keeps the unit in good working order and avoids damages. Your surroundings will also need your attention so find time to keep it clean and tidy.

#6 Lubricate Your Garage Doors

Keeping rollers, chains and pulleys well lubricated protects your garage door’s moving parts and helps it work smooth. Doing this can prevent a haphazard and cause you or your loved ones harm or even death.

#7 Inspect Your Garage Door Safety Shutoff Switch

This is very important as it could save you or your loved ones from injury. There is also the risk of the door not closing when you leave home, putting security at risk. Anything that you can do as a preventative measure please do.