7 Most Heavily Guarded Homes

People through the ages have been creating all types of things to make them feel safe. When it comes to the wealthy that conception doesn’t change, it may actually be more intense. Once you have the collateral it is possible to make many things a reality. Such a feat can clearly be seen in some of the homes the rich possess. If you doubt what I am saying, then check out these 7 heavily guarded homes.

#7 Buckingham Palace

Located in the United Kingdom
A very popular tourist attraction, it is home to the  British royal family. There is a system that includes round the clock guards on the compound and police who block the roads closest to the palace and patrol the area .

#6 The Corbi Family Residence

Located in Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
The house is built on 30 feet of concrete which houses a bunker. A period of 6 months could be spent underground and contacting law enforcement right at their fingertips.

#5 The White House

Located in Washington D.C., U.S.A.
The White House is always guarded by the Secret Service. The fence can withstand a strong impact, the windows are bullet proof and is loaded with sensors and scanners.

#4 Xanadu 2.0

Located in Washington, U.S.A.
The house owned by billionaire Bill Gates has many modern high tech accessories. It has numerous cameras and heat detectors. To visit this place you are given a special pin to help control gadgets in the home. It is surrounded with many trees and shrubs.

#3 The Zombie Bunker

Located in Poland
This is house is very secure, although it is very doubtful that zombies would ever be a threat. The house is made of concrete and has moveable walls and requires the use of a drawbridge to enter.

#2 Fair Field Estate

Located in Hamptons, U.S.A.
This mansion’s high tech gate only opens to those welcomed. It is equipped with bullet proof windows and hundreds of cameras. It is well guarded as it holds a valuable commodity.

#1 Ryongsong Residence

Located in North Korea
Kim Jong-un who is the President of North Korea lives in this home. He has gone to extremes to make this place safe for him and his family. It is surrounded by mine fields and has an electric fence. It also boast a bomb proof structure with tunnels for escape underground, Don’t forget about the chemical substances that are released if alarms are triggered.