7 Healthiest States In America

Health is important to every individual and we all should be aware of how we treat our bodies as its the only one we have. Whether we like it or not, the way we treat our bodies will determine the quality of life we will have as we grow older. One factor that can prove important is where you live as that could play a factor in the decisions you make as you choose your meals. With that in mind lets take a look at some of the best places in The United States when it comes to health statistics, the results may shock you.


One of the biggest issues for Utah fewer cancer-related health problems than any other state in America. People smoke less here and the stats on diabetes is way less than most places


Connecticut is high rankings in regard to the amount of alcohol that is drunk on a daily basis, it is considered to be very high.
However, when it comes to obesity the numbers are very low, which includes drug deaths. Individuals do less smoking and have high physical activity.


The residents of New Hampshire have one of the highest immunization stats in the country. Many of the female teens in the state have received the HPV vaccine, HPOV is known to be problematic to humans.


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Minnesota has one of the best averages when it comes to days with poor health among its citizens. It also boasts the lowest death rate for cardiovascular-related diseases.


Massachusetts is considered the most insured state in the United States. It is also known as the 3rd lowest state when it comes to the level of obesity among its citizens.


Vermont has a very low infant mortality rate, making it exceptional when it comes to childbirth. Its educational health system is very vibrant and ranks 3rd for the highest insured state in the country.


Hawaii has ranked 6th overall when it comes to health-related issues among its population, which dates back to 1990. It has a very low obesity rate and very few mental related illnesses among its populous.