7 Best Foods To Eat Before Bedtime

It is said that one shouldn’t eat just before going to bed and a list of health reasons has been given as to why you shouldn’t do this. However, it is a known fact that many people ignore this warning and still eat late at night or just before going to bed.

So is there anything that you can eat that would be less harmful, generally probably not, but could there be some foods you can eat before going to bed, at least an hour or so before? Well according to research some foods are better for bedtime than others so let us take a look at what foods are best to eat before going to bed.

#1 Kiwi

It is said that eating 2 kiwis before bedtime helps the body to rest more naturally and induces a good night’s rest. If you are one of those who love to eat kiwis I am sure this is an additional reason for you to love this fruit.

#2 Cherries

Cherries are delicious and are filled with many great properties that help the body to have a healthy status. Even better is the fact that eating a few cherries prior to going to bed will do great wonders for your body and help you sleep better. It may take some time as with everything else mentioned here but consistency will surely help.

#3 Cereal and Skim Milk

It has been proven that amino acids and hormone serotonin that aid with sleep which makes eating skim milk and cereal at night a benefit to having a good night’s sleep. For most it may sound funny as this is more of a breakfast option but where did that come from and is it really true. Wouldn’t you use it at night if it aided with s;sleep?

#4 Bananas

If you need help sleeping at night then bananas are your friend, just eating one banana before bedtime should be enough to help you sleep better at night. This is due to it being rich in potassium and magnesium, good nutrients for your body.

#5 Almonds

The properties in almonds contain calcium and a great source of magnesium to help you relax which is important to get a good night’s rest. A handful of almonds before bed on a regular basis should show an increase in sleep quality within a short but reasonable time period.

#6 Spinach

Spinach is filled with antioxidants and other sleep-inducing properties that make it one of the desired foods to help with sleep quality. Eating a few leaves or even blending them into a shake with something else to give it a nice flavor could go a long way in helping you rest.

#7 Peanut Butter On Whole Grain

Eating a peanut butter sandwich about an hour and a half before going to bed has shown as a significant factor in sleep quality. Who knew the beloved peanut butter sandwich could work such wonders, this is definitely great news.