5 U.S. Cities That Will Pay You To Live There

It isn’t very often that someone would pay you just to move. You may ask what are you talking about, could this be for real? Well yes it really does happen, there are quite a few places in America that will give you some sort of dividends to live in their city. This is usually because most of these places don’t have enough labor power and the free money is an attempt to woo people into their cities. Here are five of those cities that would pay you.

#5 Hamilton, Ohio

Relocate to Hamilton, Ohio and the city promises $5,000 to help pay student loans

#4 Grant County, Indiana

Pack up for Grant County, Indiana and claim $5,000 toward buying a home.

#3 North Platte, Nebraska

Live in North Platte, Nebraska and the chamber of commerce will hold a ceremony in your honor. During that ceremony they present a big check to you.

#2 Marne, Iowa

Marne, Iowa will give a free parcel of land to people who move there.

#1 New Richland, Minnesota

If you build a home within a year of receiving the land’s deed, your new property in New Richland’s Home-stake subdivision will be 100 percent free of charge.