14 Impressive Ways to Reduce Trash in Your Home

In most cases, things that can’t be used at our homes take much space when they pile up. These items will start from one to many, and imagine the struggle of cleaning up this mess. By that time, the need to start of thinking ways on how to reduce these unnecessary items is pivotal. It will not only benefit you but also the environment.

Items like plastic bags or bottles, even your old clothes can be turned into something we can’t imagine. I’m telling you, you just have to widen your imagination and stop procrastinating. These ways of reducing your trash at home will impress you for sure;

Turn Your Bottles Into Beautiful Vases

If you’re a plant enthusiast, you may consider unleashing that inner artist in you. Flower vases aren’t inexpensive, and sometimes, they even get damaged especially if you have pets at home like cats or dogs or a toddler.

Worry not. You can turn bottles into beautiful vases. Making this is very easy. You just need to have a pair of scissors and a plastic bottle. You can design it with whatever you want. No idea how to start? Plenty of free tutorials are available on YouTube.

Reuse Plastic Bags

Shopping is addictive, that’s for sure. Items you buy always come with bags. This will start piling up at your home. Consider reusing your old plastic bags next time you go shopping.

Old Clothes to Trendy Outfit

For this one, you have to be very creative and stylish. Turn those old clothes into fashion. Investing in a sewing machine is not a bad idea. Besides, you can sell this as a preloved item. Time to ransack that piled old clothes!

Use Handkerchief

Own a handkerchief and use it for blowing your nose, drying tears, or wrapping a snack. With this, you will no longer need paper napkins which will be regarded as trash after one-time of using them. A handkerchief can be used over and over, it just needs washing.

Borrow Rarely Used Items

Instead of buying items you don’t always use, borrow them. Rarely used items will only pile up in your home and they’ll take much space. Don’t forget to return them after you use.

Utilize Storage Containers

If you can’t afford to throw items in your home for they are valuable, might as well get some storage containers. This will tidy up your piled items and give space.

Use Lunchboxes for Takeout

Not only will this reduce the number of trash in your home, but it is also healthy and much cheaper. Most restaurants or fast-food chains will grant your request to use your own container or lunchbox if you ask request them to.

Return Egg Cartons

Some store buys a pack of egg cartons. You can return your egg carton or sell it to them. By doing this, money back is granted.

Use Old Clothes for Rags

Instead of paper towels, use your old clothes as rags for cleaning around the house. Or you can use them as face towel as well. You just have to make sure they are clean before dumping them on your face.

Level Up Your Coffee Game

If you own a coffee machine or coffee maker that need paper cups, consider changing it. You can make coffee instantly after waking up. It only needs at least 7 minutes to make it. You just have to wait until your water boils. Get rid of that coffee machine if you want to reduce waste at home.

Make Cleaning Fun

Challenge your siblings or your family members. Those who have little waste in a week will receive a reward.

Consider E-Books

Although a physical book has a magical feeling to it, it can also take up much space. Consider reading on your gadgets and buy e-books, unless it’s a reference book.

Bring a Tumbler

It’s less expensive and eco-friendly. Instead of buying water bottles when you travel, try using a travel tumbler. With this, you won’t have to worry about how you dispose of your water bottles.

Wear Cloth Facemask

Single-use surgical masks cause so much pollution, according to The Liberal Democrats. Although needed, it is not eco-friendly. Cloth facemasks are very trendy. You can choose the design while helping the environment. It’s also reusable. It only needs thorough washing since you will use it to cover your mouth and nose.

Reducing trash at home is not hard. It only needs a little bit of tidying as well as creativity. Look sideways, if you find items that can be reused, make use of them. Act now before your piled-up items become “enormous”.