10 Worst Frozen Foods That Are Detrimental To Your Health

Eating healthy is important and we all have to eat to live, that’s how our bodies are designed. What we choose to put into our bodies inevitably help determine our health later in life or sometimes even earlier. Processed frozen foods can be some of the worst foods to consume. Avoiding these the best way possible could improve your livelihood.Lets take a look at some of the foods to avoid.

#10: Evol Egg&Potato Burrito

Full of sodium, fat and cholesterol. These types of foods will clog the arteries overtime which will eventually lead to heart attack or stroke. You are better off using fresh potatoes and eggs as these will have less artificial additives in them. Refined foods are not good for you and should be avoided at all costs.

#9: Bob Evans’ Sausage, Egg&Cheese Burrito

This choice of fast food is full of sodium, fats and cholesterol. It has the potential like every other food on this list to kill you slowly and silently. If you can you should opt for fresh cheese and egg, make your own sausage. That way you know what you have put into your food.

#8: Frozen Chicken Pot Pie

This type of food is unhealthy and can be full of steroids, hormones from chicken and cholesterol. There is nothing good about eating these types of artificial additives. They may take years to affect you but they will take you out. Make your own potpie from scratch and get the best chicken possible.

#7: Frozen Fish Fillets

Foods like frozen fish fillets though seemingly healthy and a quick fix are bad for you and high in fats, calories and sodium. If you can do better, then make better choices, opt for the fresh section for ready to use fillets. These are less likely to carry additives that your body doesn’t need building toxins and free radicals in your body.

#6: Frozen French Fries

The silent tasty and well loved and used killer, French fries. It may be easy to just take a bag and throw them in a deep fryer or oven but this style if fries aren’t no good and should be avoided at all costs. They are high in calories, salt and fat. Opt for peeling your own potatoes for frying.

#5: Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets is one of the most popular foods that people eat especially for their kids. Despite being a quick fix, these are the last thing you want to be eating and that’s the truth.These foods are dangerous because of their high cholesterol and artificial fillers content. Opt for your own fresh chicken and make breadcrumbs to bread your chicken.

#4: Frozen Burgers

Frozen burger are no different from nuggets, french fries or any of the other foods you should avoid. There are packed with fats and cholesterol which are guaranteed to kill you eventually. Opt for a veggie burger instead, preferably beans etc.

#3: Frozen Macaroni and Cheese

Loaded with fat, calories and preservatives, frozen mac and cheese is not the right thing to grab and go for a quick fix. Most of the products mentioned here have additives to protect flavor, color and freshness, but those same additives are slow killers. Better to use real cheese and make that delicious mac and cheese, yet if you can avoid cheese the better.

#2: Low-Calorie Frozen Prepared Entrees

Many low calorie frozen ready to use entrees are best left on the shelf and not picked up and thrown in our microwave. It seems fast and convenient but later on down the road they create way more inconvenience and contain lots of super sweet sauces and sodium. Opt for frozen plain vegetables and add your own sauces that you can make if you know how, if you don’t YouTube and Google are your friends..

#1: Frozen Smoothie Packs

I love smoothies and the easiest thing to do is buy ready frozen fruits from the supermarket right? Well wrong those are convenient, something we all love but they are packed With lots of sugar. We love sugar but its really not our friend. Try natural fruit instead, freeze the day before use.