10 Most Beautiful Places In Sweden To Visit

The country of Sweden is a place of beauty with a Scandinavian heritage that dates back hundreds of years. You will find thousands of little islands along the coastline. The capital of Stockholm is built on 14 islands so you can expect the area to have lots of water and bridges and the entire country is about 173,860 mi². There are about 10.23 million individuals living in the country of Sweden and the language is Swedish. What is worth noting is that the language is similar to that of north Germany and has close relations to the Norwegian and Danish languages.

The official money of the Swedes is called the Krona and you will get roughly 9.77 Kronas for US$1, while if you have Euros that will give you about 10.61 Kronas. When planning a trip to Sweden you should take this into consideration as it guides you about your spending power.

The land is rich in water resources and lush vegetation and offers spectacular views. The land of Sweden offers rare glimpses into palaces, museums, and medieval towns. A trip to this land of Vikings and other folklore will be as though one has gone back into time. Sweden is etched between Norway and Finland and as you will soon see there are lots of pf things one can do there including seeing the most beautiful places in Sweden.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and offers many breathtaking views. Due to the way the city was built it was important to build bridges to bring all the islands together. Stockholm has 50 bridges that make it possible to go all over the city and enjoy its bustling life and visit many popular attractions. You can also take ferries and other boats to visit the various islands that makeup Stockholm. Finding somewhere to stay should be a breeze.


Gothenburg is a city that is located on the western coastline of Sweden. It is considered one of the major cities and offers many activities to do while you visit this gorgeous place. If you like the canals then you will definitely enjoy this place, you may very well think you are in the Netherlands. There are many places to eat and play as there is an amusement park nearby.

Stockholm’s Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago is about a half hours drive from the capital and is one of the biggest archipelagos in the region. It is by far the biggest in Sweden and offers a beautiful outlay of land amid lakes of water and lush green vegetation. A view of this place from above is breathtaking. You can go hiking riding and take to the water for kayaking and other activities.

Bohuslän Coast

The Bohuslän Coast is a place like no other, its just so beautiful. The coastline covers about 280 kilometers that stretch from Gothenburg and head to the country of Norway. Along the way, you will come across beautiful cliffs and well-painted houses, that reveal the history of fishing villages along the coast. The coastline can be enjoyed by land or sea and offers many activities like visiting many locations along the way.


Kungsleden is a hiker’s paradise and offers a wonderful trail to take in some of the best views of Sweden islands. The trail will cover a large portion of northern Sweden and is about 440 kilometers in length. The best time to visit is from June to September as the trail is open then. You will find so many attractions along the way but this hike isn’t for the faint of heart.


Smögenbryggan is a small coastal town with about 1300 plus residents and is considered a very lively town during the summertime. It is located along the west coast and many of the activities are water-related, like fishing, sailing, and taking a tour boat. If you prefer to do something on land you can go climbing or play minigolf. I am sure when you have an opportunity to visit you will enjoy yourself.

Lake Vättern

Lake Vättern is a very big lake that you can enjoy the scenery and the water at the same time. It is the sixth-largest lake in Europe and the second-largest in Sweden. You can do many of the popular water sports like surfing, paddleboarding, hit the skies with kite surfing and take boat tours. If canoeing is your thing then that is a reality as well.


As you have probably guessed by now, many of the places you need to see in Sweden are close to water. That’s just how it is, but you could always find something inland to do if you like. Marstrand is a beautiful coastal village of about 1300 residents. You can enjoy swimming and sailing along with taking a trip to the famous Gothenburg city which is only 45 minutes away.

Lake Siljan, Dalarna, Suecia

If you want a more central location in Sweden for a lovely time but still enjoy the water then try Lake Siljan. The surrounding area of Dalarna offers lots to do including visiting museums and trekking through the forest. It means you can enjoy the lake or do fun things inland and get the best of both worlds.

Höga Kusten

Höga Kusten known as the high coast is a hiker’s paradise and is considered a UNESCO heritage site. The area offers excursions and even accommodations which makes the time spent in Höga Kusten a joy to participate in. Rock climbing is also on the agenda and fun things for the kids to do. You will definitely enjoy the trails that surround this place.

If you have been thinking about Sweden for a while now, about if you should consider taking that trip, I hope that this proves helpful. Sweden is truly a lovely place and has so much to do, it should definitely be on the to-do list for travel lovers.